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Angel in Blue - Part 5

Angel in Blue 5/6

Part Five

Jensen’s had a busy week and now that he can actually find the peace inside of himself to sleep, especially after talking to Jared for an hour on the phone in bed, it’s all he wants to do. Naps are amazing. Sometimes Jared joins him, they sprawl out on the bed or on the couch and lay with each other. Sometimes it leads to more and they both end up snoozing after intense orgasms. Sometimes they actually talk. Well, Jensen does most of the talking and Jared makes him feel better about the day he’s had. But right now it feels like forever since Jared’s had his hands on him.

So it’s safe to say that Jensen is excited about his date with Jared tonight, and he dresses up a little by wearing some black slacks and a blue button down shirt. Jared looks amazing as well, with nice tight jeans and a green polo shirt showing off his sculpted arms.

Jared seems to be excited too, especially as he traces the freckles on Jensen’s cheek softly as they kiss hello. “Wow.” Jensen says dumbly after he gets his breath back. He steps into Jared’s apartment for the first time since that day he followed him home. “This looks great.” There’s actual furniture now, a couch and a bed. A television and a coffee table, a coffee maker and pillows. There’re even curtains. Jensen doesn’t even have curtains.

“I got some new things,” Jared says excitedly. “Do you like it?”

“Yeah, Jared. This looks great…” Jensen must seem confused because Jared’s face falls.

“What’s wrong?”

Jensen never likes to bring up money with someone he’s dating. It’s gotten him into deep shit before and it’s a sore subject for everyone. His curiosity wins out though because he can’t not ask, “Where’d all of this stuff come from? Did you have it all in storage or something?”

Jared shakes his head and runs his hand along the top of the new sofa, leaning against it and then pulling Jensen to him.

“No, I bought it a few days ago. I got a good deal, it wasn’t that expensive.”

“Why’d you do that?” Jensen reaches up to circle Jared’s neck with his arms.

“I want you to be comfortable here.” Jared answers, his hands finding their way to Jensen’s hips. “I want you to like it here.”

Jensen smiles gently and says, “I do like it here. You’re here, remember? I just don’t want you to waste your money…”

“I have money.” Jared states, his tone firm. When Jensen just raises an eyebrow, he sighs and lets down his guard a bit. “I do, Jensen. I swear that I do. I had a lot in my savings account and finally used some of it.”

Jensen studies Jared’s face and believes him. “What were you saving for?”

“A future that changed.” It comes out sadly and Jensen watches as Jared stares for awhile, his eyes shifted downward and in his own world before he snaps out of it. “But I’m here with you now so it doesn’t matter.”

Jensen wants to say that it does matter and that they desperately need to talk about it. That if they want to move forward, like really move forward in this relationship, then he needs to know everything. But what right does he have? It’s Jared’s life and he doesn’t owe Jensen anything. He just wants to know so badly, that constant nagging at the back of his mind to not trust Jared because of something he could be underneath the surface. Jensen’s already in too deep though, he knows that he’s in it for the long haul, for however long it’ll take Jared to open up.

“Oh and there’s something else,” Jared grins happily, pushing at Jensen’s hips for him to turn around.“And… well, meet Bob.”

“Bob?” Jensen expects there to be a man standing behind him. Instead there’s a dog and Jensen thinks it’s either a golden retriever or a yellow lab. He’s not too sure because there’s dirt and grime all over its fur.

“Don’t judge her yet. I tried to get the mud off her coat but it was a little too caked on. We’re going to the doggie day spa tomorrow afternoon.”

Jensen bends at the waist to look between the dogs legs. Sure as shit, it’s definitely a female. “Jared why would you name a girl dog Bob?”

“She told me that’s what her name is. I found her on the street, alone and starving. She’s so sweet!”

The smile is something else on Jared. He looks happy and alive, beautiful. Jensen wonders if the dog reminds Jared of himself.

“She told you what her name is?”


Jensen tilts his head. Just when he thinks he’s figure Jared out, he’s back to square one. “Okay. Well, can we go to eat now? I’m starving. I need some steak.”

“Yes, officer.” Jared teases, going into his bedroom. “Let me get my jacket, I’ll be right back. C’mon, Bob, you wanna help me?”

Jensen has to admit he likes it when Jared calls him that and thinks about trying to get Jared to call him officer later in bed as he wanders into the kitchen, runs his hand over the new coffee maker, wondering about drinking coffee here in the morning. It’s a very pleasant thought that makes his knees somewhat weak.

One of the silverware drawers is slightly open and Jensen pulls it out a little further to see what’s inside. Instead of shiny silver forks and spoons, like he was expecting, there’s a pile of old tools. Screwdrivers and wrenches, pliers and a few hammers are all scrambled together in the drawer. It’s odd, especially to have tools stored where the eating utensils go, but maybe it’s used as a junk drawer instead. Jensen opens another and there are more rusty tools there as well. In fact, there’s more in three other drawers… what the hell?

“What’re you doing?” Jared’s voice is clipped when he comes back into the room, now wearing a black blazer. He’s seriously mad and it’s the first time Jensen’s heard Jared lose a bit of his cool.

“Nothing! It was open and I--”

“You were what? Going through my shit?”

“Oh, but it’s okay for you to go through my stuff in my house?”

Jared starts to say something, but it falls short. “I’m sorry, okay? You’re the only one who’s ever been up here and…”

“And what?” Jensen urges. He has no idea what Jared wants to say but badly wants him to say something, anything.

“Nothing.” Jared takes in a deep breath, squaring his shoulders off. “Can we go? I’ve been looking forward to this all week.”

Jensen decides to let it go too and smiles tightly, disappointed their night got off to a rocky start. “Looking forward to some steak?”

“No.” He shakes his head and grabs onto Jensen’s hand. “Looking forward to spending some time with you.”

After that, dinner goes smoothly. They walk into town and pick a nice restaurant that Jensen’s never been to, which is difficult because he’s had a lot of crappy dates at nice places to eat. Over their second glass of red wine, Jared skillfully asks if Jensen is out at work. Jensen tries to explain that he is… kind of.

“Kinda? What does that mean?”

Jensen sits back in his chair, stretches his legs out under the table and he relaxes when Jared’s ankle rubs against his. “Well of course Lucy knows and the guys who have beats that are close to ours. Perez, Torres, Jenkins, Rodriguez….”

“What about your Lieutenant?”

“Uh yeah, he knows. He kind of makes sure no one gives me a hard time about it. And if they do, and there’s been a few in the past, then they get transferred.”

“Really?” Jared looks surprised. He takes a sip of wine and puts his elbows on the table, leaning towards Jensen. “Why does he do that?”

“I guess he feels like he has to repay me.”

Jared just stares and Jensen knows he’ll have to spill eventually. At least he doesn’t have anything he needs to hide. “It was a long time ago, like my first month on the street. Lucy wasn’t even my partner yet. Anyway, these thugs held up a gas station and I was the first one to arrive. I thought I could sneak in the back way, but they caught me.” Jensen remembers the terror he had felt at the time, yet the controlled calm that came over him made him know he had chosen the right profession.

“I tried to negotiate with them and eventually traded myself for the hostages and of course, these guys thought having a cop would be more beneficial. So they let them go, two ladies and an older gentleman. One of the ladies was the lieutenant’s wife. Said she never been so scared in her life and couldn’t believe it when I said I’d take their place. I didn’t know who she was at the time but I’d do it again in heartbeat.”

There’s a few seconds of silence and then Jared says, “You’re a hero, Jen. And you don’t even realize it.” He reaches across the table for Jensen’s hand, threading their fingers together.

“Any cop would do the same.” It’s true, Jensen thinks. He didn’t do anything special.

“You’re not just any cop, Jen. You’re…”

“I’m what?”

“Amazing. Brave. Wonderful. Smart.” Jared says, flustered but it’s obvious he believes that Jensen is all of those things. He blushes high in his cheeks and presses on to say more, but he can’t seem to find the words. “Are you done? I’m stuffed. Let’s walk a little, okay?”

Jensen agrees and Jared pays the bill. Where he gets all of his money is beyond Jensen’s comprehension and he doesn’t want to waste time trying to figure it out. He thinks about what Jared had told him earlier, about the savings account that he must’ve never used. There seems to be more questions that never give way to answers.

It’s nice out and the sky is dark as they walk down the busy street. There are mostly restaurants and bars on the block, bustling and thriving with good energy. Jared’s fingers tangle with Jensen’s, brush against them ever so slightly and they both wish they weren’t in such a public place.

As people pass by, Jared nods his head or gives a warm smile. Sometimes he even says, “Hi” or “Hello” to these random people and it makes Jensen feel odd to be with someone so nice when, at some of his best times, the only way to describe himself would be grouchy.

“You should try it.” Jared leans down and whispers to Jensen. “It’s fun. People aren’t as bad as you think or as bad as what you deal with every day.”

Maybe Jared is right. Jensen tries to make eye contact with an older lady as he walks past her and feels silly when he gives her a greeting. She doesn’t seem mad by it though and Jared was right, it does feel kind of good to go out of his way.

Jared stops walking suddenly, without saying anything and Jensen doesn’t notice until he’s a few steps away. He walks back and looks at the sign over the door. It’s a jazz bar, music filling their ears as a nice looking couple steps out.

“You like jazz?” Jensen asks, seeing the recognition of the music in Jared’s eyes. What he can’t figure out is why Jared looks like a deer in headlights. “C’mon, let’s go in.” He gives Jared’s elbow a tug and opens the door. The atmosphere is nice and Jensen instantly likes the place. It’s smooth and mellow, the music a nice beat after a long week.

There’s an empty table near the stage and Jensen makes his way to the dark corner, pulling out the wooden chairs for both him and Jared to sit down. He waves the waitress away, doesn’t think they’ll stay too long to have much of a drink and he is already feeling the wine from dinner.

Jared sits stiffly for a few moments until Jensen drapes his arm along the back of the chair and pulls Jared in. That gets Jared’s attention, and he smiles, finally seeming to relax. Jensen watches the cute couples on the dance floor, some older and some younger, moving slowly to music while Jared’s eyes are glued to the band. There’s a piano player and a guy on a saxophone, and a small drum set in the back. These guys have been playing together for a long time, Jensen can just tell.

They stay for about three songs before Jared really starts to enjoy himself. Jensen doesn’t know what he’s working out in his head, but some screws must be turning in there, tightening loose ends and hopefully laying a steady foundation for them to walk on. Under the table, Jared’s fingers move up and down the length of Jensen’s thigh, squeezing occasionally through the material of his pants.

When the band takes a break, he leans over and whispers in Jensen’s ear, “I wish we could dance.”

Jensen laughs softly and shakes his head. “I think this is perfect.”

They share a deep gaze and the music starts up again, an upbeat tempo this time but still an earthy type of blues that Jensen really likes. He wiggles in his seat a little, foot tapping and hips swaying even though he’s sitting and Jared looks impressed because Jensen is making an outright fool of himself. But it’s fun and playful and hell, he’s earned it. Jared presses his nose to Jensen’s throat and can feel the smile on his warmed skin.

They end up staying a lot longer than Jensen had originally thought. He’s tired now, but really happy and can’t wait to get back to Jared’s and into bed. The crowd has thinned a bit and the band is finishing up. Jared and Jensen applaud and suddenly Jared is standing, side stepping around the table as he goes to talk to the piano player. Jensen’s a little confused and sits back down, not really sure what’s going on.

The musician nods at whatever Jared is telling him and points to a corner of the stage. There’s a big black case and Jared moves to open it, and then pulls out a shiny golden trumpet. Jensen’s confusion changes into curiosity as he watches Jared sit on the edge of the stage without a hint of nervousness and puts the instrument to his lips, long fingers at the horn.


He plays the most striking song Jensen has ever heard. And he’s good. A professional. And at last there is a piece to the puzzle. A piece to his heart that he’s finally opening up. It’s exhilarating for both of them. Jensen’s smile fades into something more serious, like he wants Jared to see what this means to him. How much he appreciates it.

Jared looks to him briefly as he plays, focused on the instrument in his hands, but when they do look at each other it’s intense. His eyes close again, falling into the beauty of the music. It goes on like this for a few more minutes and when the song ends, there’s a standing applause from the few people left. Jensen smiles proudly at him as they leave the club, fingers brushing together again.

As soon as they’re outside, Jensen beams with a huge grin. “You never said you played anything, and especially never mentioned that you could play like that.”

“I wasn’t sure I had it in me.” Jared blinks, like he’s trying to figure out exactly what he just did, as if he’s clearing his hazy mind to clearer thoughts. He’s excited too though, Jensen can feel the bolts of a thrill make his fingers shake as they touch, but Jared remains just as composed as always.

“Padalecki? Yo! Padalecki, is that you, man?”

Jared turns to walk down the street and Jensen does as well, the name not meaning anything to him until—


Jared turns now and looks coldly at the man who chased him out of the club. “You’ve mistaken me for someone else.”

“What?” The short guy seems really confused. He has a cigar hanging from his mouth and smells like smoke, and his head is bald but he looks nice enough. “Jared, I’d know that sound from anywhere. You’re Jared Padalecki. And, well.” The guy looks Jared up and down, stating the obvious that he’s tall as fuck. “You’re not that hard to miss, am I right?”

“I’m sorry.” Jared says and starts again down the street. Jensen doesn’t have a choice but to go after him and shrugs his shoulder to the man they leave at the door step of the bar.

“Um… did you know that guy?” Jensen asks when they’ve walked down a block. He really doesn’t want to ruin the mood, but he has to ask.


“Jared, if you’re in trouble or something… if you owe that guy some money, I could help you.”

“Jensen? I don’t know him. Please just drop it.”

Nodding, Jensen doesn’t argue and they stroll along towards Jared’s apartment. They’ve entered in what isn’t the best of neighborhoods, but Jensen is packing so he isn’t that concerned. He’s also still lost in the music playing in his ears, that Jared had unraveled a bit in front of him tonight. “That song was… unreal.”

Jared spares him a glance, smiles a little. “You liked it?”

“Yeah, Jay. Sometimes you don’t realize how amazing you are, ya know?” Jensen repeats the words from dinner, only directs them towards the other man. “But don’t worry, I’m gonna be here to remind you from now on.”

Jared full on stops and takes a look around at where they are standing. They’re in a small alley way, nothing more than a shadowed wall with graffiti on it. He pushes Jensen towards the corner, thumbs pressing into his neck and fingers tilting his chin up for a kiss. It’s like he couldn’t take another step without having him and Jensen tries to control the impulse to moan loudly. But it’s late and there’s no one around, and they let their tongues push together, slip and flick inside Jared’s mouth, stroking each other’s back and grabbing at any skin they can get their hands on.

Jensen can see the flash of lights behind his closed eyelids and knows right away what the red and blue colors mean, especially after the chirp of the siren.

“Hey! Move it along over there!”

“You’ve gotta be kidding me…” Jensen reaches into his back pocket for his badge. As soon as he holds it up, he can hear Perez starting to laugh through the small electronic bull horn they keep in the squad cars.

“Ackles! You should be ashamed of yourself!”

“Didn’t know you had this beat tonight.” Jensen grumbles, a playful annoyance in his voice.

“Ey, is that Jared over there? Jared! You in any danger, buddy?”

“Go away!” Jensen calls out.

Jared chuckles and starts to turn. He shields his eyes with a hand against the bright lights and doesn’t seem to mind the interruption, especially at Jensen’s expense.

“Let the man answer for himself, please.” Perez scolds.

“Everything’s code four over here, officer!” Jared shouts out, grinning down at Jensen. “You can go away now.”

Jensen laughs loudly and makes his way to the police car. He’s in too good of a mood to be embarrassed.

“You wanna ride home?” Perez asks with a friendly smile. His K-9 barks once, really loudly from the back of the car.

“We’re good, thanks though.” Jensen says. “Jared’s is just a few blocks down.”

“Okay, okay. Sorry to ruin… well, never mind. See you at the station, Ackles.”

They both wave as he drives off and Jensen apologizes. Jared finally takes Jensen’s hand in his and leads them away. “You can make it up to me in bed.”

He does. They stay in bed for Jensen’s two days off, mostly naked the entire time. Not thinking about anything important and putting everything on hold that exists in the outside world. No problems, no secrets, just them and it couldn’t be better.

In the morning Jensen is completely sprawled out in Jared’s bed, shamelessly with not even a pair of briefs on when Jared strokes a hand down his smooth back. The sunlight is bright in the apartment, with large windows that are almost ceiling high in the bedroom. Jensen doesn’t feel exposed under the light or Jared’s careful eye. He feels loved and cared for, and it’s not something he’s used to yet.

“Did you know that you have bruises all down your back?” Jared complains as he shifts to his knees to get a better look. He seems miffed that Jensen failed to tell him something that must’ve happened.

Jensen stretches and shifts his knee up, ass very much on open display. “Oh yeah. I had to tackle a guy in a batman suit the other day.”

“Do I want to know?”

“Probably not. He tried to steal a purse from a grandma and ran. Lucy tripped over his cape. It was a pretty bad scene.”

“So by bad, you mean funny?” Jared guesses, moving to grab rubbing oil and dripping some down Jensen’s spine.

“You could say that.”Jensen rests his head on the pillow and lets Jared work his magic hands. “That feels really good.”

By the bed side lamp, his cell phone beeps a new email alert. Jared gives him a slap to the ass when Jensen reaches for it. “Just let me, really fast…” Jensen looks at his phone and tosses it back down once he’s read the message.

“What was it?” Jared starts again, this time laying down and working Jensen’s lower back, his nose and mouth against the soft curve of Jensen’s spine, the soft spot that he just can’t seem to get enough of.

“Everyone else gets an invitation in the mail for my parent’s vow renewal thing. I get a damn e-vite.” Jensen mumbles. “Ain’t no damn glitter in an email. Ow!”


“No, it’s good. Go deeper.” Jensen lets a small moan slip out as Jared rubs a particular sore spot.

There’s more rubbing until Jared notices another bruise on Jensen’s hip. “Jesus. How heavy was this guy?”

“Like a truck.” Jensen answers. “The pavement wasn’t too soft either.”

“Jensen, you need to be careful.”

“Oh no, don’t go into that mode.” Jensen wiggles out of Jared’s grasp and flips to his back, needing to have this conversation face to face. “That protective mode where you get all controlling about what I do. This is my job. I love my job. Yes, it’s dangerous. Yes, something bad could happen. But if you can’t handle that then…”

Jared moves up to where Jensen’s mouth is going off and presses a kiss there. “I’m sorry, okay? I won’t express my concern for you ever again.”

Jensen just sighs, resisting the urge to roll his eyes. And then the severe reality of this hits him. Jared’s never given him any doubt before that he didn’t like Jensen’s job and now that it could be a possibility, it doesn’t sit well with Jensen at all. It makes him sick to even think about it. “Can you seriously handle it, Jared? Because I need to know. And seriously, no bullshitting me around. Not about this.”

“What if I couldn’t handle it?” Jared’s testing him now, Jensen can feel it. He put his chin on Jensen’s shoulder and his hazel eyes glitter with a vagueness that Jensen can’t pinpoint, even about this. It’s frustrating as all hell.

Jensen blinks hard and searches Jared’s face for any sign that he’s serious. He can’t tell anything. “I’d make you.”

“Yeah?” This seems to please Jared a bit. “You think you could make me?”

“I think that I can be very convincing.” Jensen bites his bottom lip, barely containing a grin when Jared’s eyes go hungry. “I’m good at negotiating, remember?”

“How could I forget?” Jared presses their lips together and starts to massage down Jensen’s chest and arms. “So are you gonna go to the vow renewal?” He tries to change the subject to a more even ground. “Is it at a church?”

“I don’t know, haven’t put much thought into it.” Jensen lies.

“Why not?”

He doesn’t answer and Jared keeps on rubbing. After a quiet minute he adds, “It’s been pretty bad with my family for a long time. I doubt they want me there.”

“Oh… bad how?” Jared pries gently. He kisses a path across Jensen’s shoulder and collarbone, ending at his mouth.

Jensen sighs, disgruntled that they’re finally talking about this. Eventually Jared will have to know though and again, he seems to be the one doing all of the talking. “My dad used to knock me and Josh around when we were kids, nothing too bad at first, just a slap to the mouth or ass if we got outta control. But especially when I was a teenager and after I came out, well then he really came after me. And then I got too big and strong, started playing football and he couldn’t touch me anymore. So he went after my mom. I called the cops one night and had him arrested.”

The room goes quiet, really quiet and Jensen can’t stand to look at Jared right now, afraid of what he’ll see. The disgust and shame he feels when saying it out loud is nothing compared to the actual memory. Jared must know it because Jensen feels his chin being turned by Jared’s tender touch. “Keep going.”

“There’s not much else.” Jensen moves down into the bed and meets Jared’s eyes. “My brother said I went against the family and mom agreed. Pretty fucked up, huh? And dad was always drunk so I don’t know if it was the booze. Mom said he hasn’t had a drop in a long time, and I guess I’m afraid to find out if he’s really like that or if it was the alcohol.”

Jared’s finger swoops under and over Jensen’s nose and down his cheek in the most soothing motion. “Well, it sounds like your parents invited you. He must want you to be there. Maybe he’s changed.”

Jensen clears his throat, not wanting to talk about it anymore. “I guess. You have to admit though, my family is fucked up.”

“Family is a door you don’t close.”

“I didn’t close it.” Jensen almost lets himself get defensive and decides it wouldn’t help anything.

“You will though, if you don’t go.” Jared tells him. “Family invites you, you go. Family shows up at your door, you welcome them in.”

“And if they don’t deserve it?”

“Then you forgive.” And with that, Jared pushes himself up on his elbows to give Jensen a lazy, deep kiss which effectively disables Jensen to respond, even if he wanted to. He’d rather have this though, to have Jared with him and talking about something that he’s been keeping inside for so long. Kissing isn’t so bad either.

Jared bites and nibbles at Jensen’s lips, hard and playful, until they’re both lost in each other. Jared gets up though, before Jensen can protest and scoots off the bed. “Don’t move. I’ll be right back.”

Jensen couldn’t get up even if he tried, too drunk from kisses and the mattress jumps from the loss of Jared’s weight.He hears Jared in the other room, talk to Bob for a few seconds and then more rustling around. Jared only had a pair of briefs on when he left and he still has them on when he walks back into the bedroom, but now there’s something silver sticking out from the waistband. As he comes closer, kneeing on the bed and crawling over Jensen’s body, it becomes clear that it’s the pair of handcuffs Jensen had left on the kitchen counter, along with his gun when they came home from their date the other night.

Jensen saw Jared looking at his cuffs and gun yesterday when they were making lunch, but he had no idea it was because of a kink, not just something dangerous in his house that he wasn’t used to being around.

“Can I help you with those?” Jensen says with a teasing smile. He can’t help but to be surprised by Jared’s forwardness, exhilaration making his belly flip with anticipation.

“I think you’ve been bad, Officer Ackles. I might have to lock you up.” It’s horrible dirty talk and they both burst out in laughter. Jared’s face turns red, but it still doesn’t stop him from grabbing the handcuffs out from his underwear. He’s practically straddling Jensen’s lap, ass to groin and Jensen’s sure that Jared can feel him getting hard.

Jared finds one of Jensen’s wrists and clasps a cuff around it, locking it in place all while looking at Jensen’s face closely. Jensen doesn’t say anything, just watches with a heated gaze as Jared fumbles with what to do next.

“You really gonna let me lock you up?” He asks with some doubt. Jared knows him too well, knows that Jensen wouldn’t be comfortable giving up complete control.

“You’ve gone this far.” Jensen murmurs, but it’s strong and confident. He trusts Jared not to hurt him or go over the edge.

Jared smiles and shakes his head, like he can’t believe how far Jensen’s willing to go. “You’re too good to me.” He guides Jensen’s cuffed hand up and locks the other side of the cuffs to the headboard, leaving Jensen’s left arm free. “Maybe one day I’ll lock both hands up,” Jared says, now going for a condom and the bottle of lube on the nightstand. “But for right now, this is plenty. More than enough.” There’s praise in his voice, proud that Jensen let him do even this.

Making quick work of his briefs now, Jared is naked and is still straddling Jensen’s hips, but now he moves down slightly to Jensen’s thighs. There’s no words that can escape Jensen as Jared begins to put the condom on Jensen’s shaft, stroking it firmly afterwards and coating it with generous amounts of slick. He stands on his knees and reaches behind him, fingers working and Jensen wants nothing more than to watch the show.

He’s locked down though and can’t move much, doesn’t want to even if he could. All he can do is lie there until Jared’s done fucking himself open on his own fingers. It doesn’t take long though, especially with Jensen’s free hand rubbing across Jared’s nipples, stopping to pinch and rake his nails over the sensitive nubs and then over the bulk of his chest, arms and shoulders, his muscles huge and solid. His stomach is impressively flat, his hips drawn at a narrow sexy point. Jared shifts again, raising one foot flat on the bed as he takes hold of Jensen’s throbbing dick and guides the head in.

“I have something to tell you.”

Jensen can’t believe how serious Jared sounds with only a slight strain in his voice. “Right now?” He moans, his free arm now finding Jared’s hand and holding on for balance as Jared sinks down slowly, inch by inch of Jensen’s cock disappearing inside of him.

With a strangled puff of air, Jared nods, his face contorting into bliss as he relaxes a little, his hole opening and letting more of Jensen in. “That day you were almost shot…” Jared lets his knees fall more apart, dropping down even faster. “I wasn’t going to get groceries. I saw you across the street when you drove up in front of that jewelry store.” He pulls up now, squeezing around the shaft with his inner muscles until just the head is inside. “Knew I had to meet you. Knew you might be in trouble.” His hips begin to swivel now, and down he goes again until he bottoms out, flesh on flesh.

“Fuck you, Jared.” Jensen rages, anger and love mixed all into one emotion. "You followed me that day?”

“I couldn’t help it. I’m sorry, knew you’d be pissed.” He’s moving now, fucking himself on Jensen’s cock and the thrusts are deep, needy and desperate. Jensen is pissed, he’s fucking furious and Jared’s trying to make it up to him by fucking his brains out.

And oh god, does it work. They’re sweating and sticky, Jared’s cock bobbing up and down as he gets his balance, pounds back and down, slapping sounds echoing in the bedroom as they climb towards their orgasms and Jensen can tell Jared wants to slow it down, that it’s going too fast but they’ve already crossed the line, come sputtering from Jared’s dick and painting Jensen’s bellybutton.

Jensen continues to fuck Jared senseless. With every thrust of his hips, he drives his cock in deep and hard, making Jared’s mouth hang open and his eyes scrunch shut. And he deserves it, goddamnit, he deserves everything Jensen will give to him and a hundred times more.

“Never put your life in danger like that.” Jensen knows that Jared’s prostate must be over stimulated, but he can’t stop until he gets this out. “Never again, you understand me?”

Jared nods, helplessly and Jensen watches as his soft cock tries to stand again.

“Say it. Out loud.”

“Never, Jensen. I won’t again.”

With those words, Jensen feels his dick become even harder and then explode his release. He rocks his hips, pushes his feet up on the bed to try and stay inside of Jared for as long as possible. “Fuck yeah, damn right you won’t.” He breathes out; jumbling his speech so bad Jared probably doesn’t even understand him.

Afterwards, Jared threatens to not let Jensen go if he’ll be mad and Jensen just has to shoot him a glare for the keys to come out. As another peace offering and as soon as they’re ready for a second round, Jared sucks Jensen into his mouth. It’s a slow blow job, tongue and fingers all very much in play and Jensen is a whimpering mess when he’s done. He returns the favor after he gets his breath and swallows Jared’s come easily.

When they’re walking Bob an hour or two later, Jared catches Jensen licking his lips every few seconds. When he asks him why and offers some chapstick, Jensen shakes his head, says that he likes the taste of Jared on his tongue and lips throughout the day. It’s all Jensen can do from keeping his wrist from bruising as Jared hurries them back upstairs and in bed again.

Part 6

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