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Angel in Blue - Part 2

Angel in Blue 2/6

Part Two

Jensen is starving. It’s cold and cloudy, chilly and pretty much all around shitty weather. He could really go for a hamburger, knew he and Lucy should have stopped when they had a chance an hour ago but oh no, Lucy had to go back to the station for something and now they’re running late for lunch.

Of course, now a call comes in for an alarm going off at a jewelry store. The place is right around the corner and Jensen responds that they’ll check it out.

Lucy pulls up to the store slowly and Jensen’s eyes immediately go to the window, trying to make out if there are any shadows moving around inside the shop. He can’t see anything though and wonders if the alarm trip was by accident. It wouldn’t be the first time an employee accidentally brushed up against the red button hidden under the counter. He gets out of the car and puts his hand on the gun settled right at his side, ready to pull it out of the holster if necessary.

There are open shopping stores on the other side of the street, pedestrians out walking and minding their own business, not really paying attention to what’s going on. Jensen lets his gaze sweep over the innocent people, noting moms with baby strollers and couples holding hands. This is why he does his job, to keep these people safe.

A window breaks in the distance and with that distinct shattering sound; Jensen instantly knows this is no mistake and that a real robbery is happening. He immediately draws his gun, glances at Lucy and they both run around the building to the backside of an alley way. There’s glass on the ground and it crunches under Jensen’s weight until he stops, looking for which way the perpetrator went.

Graffiti art is all over the walls and there’re weeds and garbage littered everywhere. It’s a long narrow path between buildings and it’s totally silent, not another person in sight. Lucy must hear something because she jogs past the next few shops, looking in doorways or any place where their view is obstructed.

Jensen stays put, looks the other way down the alley just in time to watch a foot slide over a gated fence and disappear. He yells for Lucy and begins to run full speed ahead, sliding his gun back into its case because now he has to climb a fence, which he does in record time, grabbing the top and flinging his body over. Once he reaches the other side he spots two men start to make a run for it again.

“Freeze right there!”

The command has absolutely no affect and they split up. Jensen quickly catches up to one of them, tackles and takes him to the ground. He’ll feel the hard fall on his kneecaps tomorrow but it doesn’t slow him down as he takes out his handcuffs and slaps them on the robber’s wrist. Lucy has caught up to them and leans her knee in the perp’s back, taking control as Jensen gets up and starts to take off for the other guy.

“Jensen, be careful!”

“I see him!”

There’s another fence and Jensen quickly hurdles over that one too. He runs as he speaks into his radio clipped onto his shoulder. “10-78, on foot pursuit. Back alley across Explorer Road.” He dodges around a fallen garbage can, jumps over a broken down shopping cart and presses at his mic again. “Suspect in a white shirt and blue jeans. No visible weapons.”

As Jensen gains up on him, he can see that the guy is a lot younger than he thought. A lot younger and Jensen’s in great shape, but he’s no teenager who can speed up at any given second, which is exactly what this one does. He turns a corner so fast that he disappears within seconds.

Jensen slows down instantaneously, sucking in air through his tired lungs and draws his gun. There’re plenty of places where this kid could be hiding and Jensen knows he’s in a vulnerable spot right now. He shifts himself towards a wall so his back is covered and steps forward quietly. He turns another corner with his gun held in front of him, but its all clear. He goes back the way he came, eyes wide open and he tries to listen for any sound, zone in on anything that might give him a clue to where this kid is right now.

Jensen should have seen him coming, but is on the ground before he can get his footing under him, the hard push on his right shoulder making him stumble. His gun skids out, slides across the concrete and he curses before he’s turned over and is faced with the barrel of a different gun now, held just a few inches from the tip of his nose. The kid’s body isn’t heavy, but the gun is held in a steady hand.

“Fucking pigs. Fucking assholes.”

The hate in the kid’s voice is something else. It makes Jensen’s gut drop out and he says a silent plea because this is over. If he moves and tries to get away, the kid will shoot. If he stays put and doesn’t put up a fight, the kid will shoot. Jensen’s heard hate like that before and it always ends up with an officer down.

Dark eyes fall on his name badge and the kid spits out “Ackles” with revulsion, the disgust going even deeper. “You put away my brother. Broke his nose.”

The click of the safety being flipped off rings in Jensen’s ears. He braces himself and calmly closes his eyes. He’ll die at the hands of a gang member. He didn’t think it would end like this.

“This is for Jacob, you piece of shit.”

Jensen remembers that he’s not some pussy. If he really is going to die, this is not the way it will go down so he shoves up as hard as he possibly can. The kid flies off of him and the sound of the gun going off makes Jensen stop. The sudden pressure at his chest is so intense that it makes him drop back to the ground. The shock is what gets to him, that he was shot and the bullet hit him square in the heart.

Son of a bitch.

It’s a good thing he put his bullet proof vest on tight today. The kid is now lying on his ass and pushes himself up, doesn’t quite understand why Jensen isn’t dead and aims the gun again, this time for his face. Jensen lunges for his fallen gun when he sees a tall figure swoop in behind the kid and kick the pistol out of his hand. They both go sprawling and Jensen is confused. Where the hell did this guy come from?

He grabs his gun and tackles the kid, forcing his hands behind his back. The man who saved Jensen gets up and watches, steps back even more when Lucy comes running down the alley.

“Jensen? What the hell, I heard a gunshot!” Then she notices the tall stranger and points her gun at him. “Freeze! Put your hands up! Now!”

“No, he’s good!” Jensen screams. “He’s good!”

Lucy lowers her pistol and helps Jensen. She notices the bullet hole through his uniform shirt and puts a hand on his shoulder. “You hurt?”

Jensen can only shake his head. Now that the situation is under control he needs to walk it off. He can hear the sirens coming closer and other officers approaching.

Fuck. That was close. It hasn’t been that close in a really long time.

Jensen glances at the stranger, wonders who the hell he is, knows in his mind that he should go and thank him. For some reason, Jensen can’t muster up the energy and takes down the empty alley before anyone can ask him for a report. Lucy knows he needs a minute to himself and will stop anyone that tries to follow, at least for a few minutes. He just needs to gather his head, put together his thoughts and rerun what happened. Shit. Did he royally fuck up?

Probably. He could have stayed with Lucy and let the kid get away. He could’ve not dropped his gun when he got pushed from behind, or maybe not let some fucking kid sneak up on him in the first place.

“You’re beating yourself up in there, aren’t you?” Jensen closes his eyes at the sound of Lucy’s voice. She’s got him so pegged. “The medic’s need to check you over.”

“I’m fine.”

“Maybe.” She says. “But how about you just do what I ask for once in your life, hmm? C’mon. The lieutenant isn’t even mad. Just worried about you.”

By the time Jensen walks back to the scene, everyone has pretty much scattered. The tall guy isn’t around anymore and Jensen’s a little calmed at that, glad that he doesn’t have to confront him and admit that he was rescued and what a total fuck up he is.

“Just give the lieutenant a report and we can go back to the station, get some paperwork done.” Lucy tells him as Jensen sits in the back of the ambulance while a paramedic takes his vitals. “You know the drill, Rib House tonight before home.”

Jensen just nods. He does know the drill, though it never occurred to him that he’d be the cause of everyone getting together tonight. Last time the unit had a close call was when Martinez got sideswiped by a cab and walked away with nothing but a sprained ankle. That was a few months ago. They haven’t been to the Rib House in a long time.

He broke a good streak today.

The Rib House is a hole in the wall joint. The food is awesome and the beer is always chilled, and while Jensen hates the reasons why they all gather here, at the end of the day everything seems right again.

The guys are recapping today's events on the other side of the bar, Perez and Torres joking loudly and Jenkins passing around a picture of the new K-9 he’ll be getting next week. Lucy isn’t eating and her beer is already halfway gone. Jensen knows she wants to get home to her husband, but wants to make sure he’s okay first.

“So Ackles, you recover from this afternoon?” Perez asks, sliding a new beer in front of him. Jensen’s always liked Perez, the guy has a funny sense of humor and isn’t afraid to take digs.

Jensen nods even though he feels sore all over. “Doin’ okay for now. Coulda been worse.”

“Yeah no shit.” Perez says, looking around. “We told Jared to come by tonight so you could buy him a thank you beer.”

Jensen darts a glance to Lucy and she just shrugs.

“You invited him here? The tall guy?”

“Yeah man, he saved your pretty ass. It’s the least you could do. I can’t believe your luck sometimes.” Perez takes a long sip of beer and starts in on his ribs. “I mean, the guy is coming home from the grocery store at the perfect time and sees the whole thing. Your own knight’n shining armor, ‘ey Ackles?” He gives Jensen a wink.

“That’s the cutest love story if I ever heard one.” Torres starts joining in and Jenkins laughs along.

Jensen groans and stands up. This day has been one long embarrassing hell.

Lucy elbows Torres in the gut and looks up with concern in her eyes. “Where are you going?”

“The head. Is that allowed?”

“Push hard, Ackles.”

Jensen rolls his eyes and makes his way to the back of the restaurant. He glances around the bar quickly and doesn’t see the stranger who saved him today – Jared and although Jensen does feel a little bad that he never thanked the guy or even got to talk to him, he’s still a little relieved. Luckily, there’s no one else in the bathroom and instead of using the toilet, Jensen makes his way over to the mirror. He slowly unbuttons the top of his flannel shirt, spreading the material to take a look at his chest.

There’s a blooming bruise spreading across his sternum, right where the bullet hit the vest. It hurts, the color already a dark purple and blue. It’s ugly and aching, but at the same time, he’s so thankful that he has a stupid bruise rather than blood from a bullet wound. He’d probably be dead.

The bathroom door opens and Jensen quickly buttons up. He nods to the older gentleman who gives him an odd look as Jensen leaves. The lights are dimmer now in the restaurant and the overhead music softer. Jensen makes his way back to his friends when he spots Jared sitting at a table by himself. His back is turned and Jensen knows this is his chance, even if he’s a little ashamed.


Jared whips around, surprised at the sound and smiles timidly as he looks up at Jensen.

“Jared, right? I’m Jensen. Nice to meet you.” He reaches over the table for Jared’s hand and as their fingers touch Jensen instantly knows why he was hesitant to meet this man face to face. He’s absolutely gorgeous. Sharp, dark features make him intriguing, along with his eyes, the color of which Jensen can’t make out because they seem to be a swirl of blues and gold. He has long brown hair, bangs shoved behind his ears and a beard forming across his strong jaw line. He’s wearing a flannel shirt too, much like the one Jensen has on, but with different colors and pattern.

“The pleasure is mine.” Jared says, eyes sparkling and voice deep. His fingertips brush the pad of Jensen’s palm as he pulls away.

Nerves are buzzing in the pit of Jensen’s stomach and he feels silly with it, out of his element to be attracted to a man so quickly. Everything about Jared is overloading Jensen’s brain as he takes in Jared’s face, the way his small smile shows a glimpse of perfectly even white teeth, a shadow of dimples low in his cheeks. The instantaneous allure that Jensen feels is making him nervous, his mouth becoming dry and chest tight with anxiousness. He quickly pulls himself together, attempts to not look like a babbling idiot, hoping that Jared doesn’t figure out the affect he has on him.

“So why are you sitting over here? I’m sure my partner and the guys would love the chance to ridicule me in front of you.”

Jared shrugs and gestures to the empty chair across from him. “You could say I’m a bit antisocial. Would you like…”
The invitation is obvious and Jensen steals a glance to the bar. Lucy gives him a thumb up and the other guys are horsing around too much to care.

Jensen sits down, watches as Jared visibly relaxes a little. “I never got a chance to thank you.”

Jared doesn’t say anything, but the corners of his mouth are curved upward in a polite smile. He’s looking at Jensen as if he’s studying him, like he can’t believe Jensen is right there.

Jensen looks closely too. He swears there’s something about Jared he’s seen before, but he has no idea how that would be possible. Before he can stop himself, he blurts out, “You look familiar.”

“I must live on the beat that you patrol. It’s usually a quiet neighborhood. I’m sorry that happened to you.”

Jensen tilts his head. His nerves are still spiking, getting the better of him, and he decides to get control of his emotions. The best way to do that is to shift into officer mode. “Why would you do that? Tackle a guy with a gun?”

Jared opens his mouth only to close it again. He thinks before he speaks, shaking his head a little as if he can’t understand why Jensen would ask him this. “He was going to shoot you.”

“Yeah, but he could’ve shot you.” Jensen points out. “You some kinda daredevil or something? Or maybe you just have a death wish.”

“No. I didn’t have time to think about it. I just reacted.”

Jensen narrows his eyes. “So what are your thoughts about it now?” He’s seen people do this before, try to save someone and get in the way of danger. Usually a few hours later they have panic attacks about what could have happened.

Jared leans forward in his chair, brushes his bangs out of his eyes and keeps steady eye contact. “I think… it was definitely worth the risk.”

Jensen doesn’t know if he can trust his voice, but he manages, “You don’t even know me.”

“Well now I do, don’t I?” Jared says, pleased with himself. “And I didn’t do what I did just on instinct. It’s about what you do. Cops have it tough out there, keeping everyone safe, you know? I think it’s awesome you do that every day. Firemen always get the hero rep, but cops should too. Have you ever thought about the people you’ve saved in this town? That there’re people walking around safe because of you?”

This is… not at all the conversation Jensen was expecting. “I guess I never really thought about it that way.” He says, even though he has. He’s just never heard anyone else say it to him. Usually everyone is all about the bad stuff, not thinking about the fact that Jensen actually saves people.

“Or that you helped them or arrested someone off the streets who could have hurt somebody else? Because you’re doing your job.” Jared ends his little rant and blushes warmly. His eyes are still serious though and it's obvious that he feels strongly about his opinion.

“Well now I’m still here because of you.” Jensen says, sitting up in his chair and putting his elbows on the table. “Did you stop and think about that? Maybe you’re the one who should be a cop.”

Jared looks up with his eyes. “With this forehead? I don’t really look good in hats.”

Jensen breaks out into a smile. He wants to tell Jared that his face is really cute, forehead included.

“Anyway...” Jared leans back again. “I feel like I’m talking too much. Am I? I think so.”

Jensen takes that as a go ahead. “Okay. So do you work around here? What exactly do you do?” He stops and cringes at the questions. “Sorry, it sounds like I’m interrogating you.”

“No harm done.” Jared shifts again in his chair, almost as if he’s uncomfortable. Maybe he’s just as bruised as Jensen is from this afternoon and at the thought, Jensen wants to sooth any soreness Jared might have. “Where do you want to be in ten years?”


“It’s a trick I learned awhile back. We can skip all of this… whatever. And I can ask you what you’re doing tomorrow and what you’ll be doing in ten years from now. It’s supposed to be a shortcut, or at least get things started.”

“Ah.” Jensen wonders how many times Jared has used this to pick someone up. “And does this work for you?”

“You tell me. I’ve never tried it before.”


“I’m serious. I just thought about it right now. Seemed appropriate.”

Jensen smirks. “I hope you’re telling the truth. With all the cops in this place, they could sniff out a fibber like a barbeque covered milk bone.”

A slow grin spreads at Jared’s mouth, wide and open and it’s fucking charming. Jensen finds himself flustered at the thought that he could get very addicted to it.

“You have a nice smile.” He says, a bit self conscious as it comes out. He feels vulnerable for the first time in a long while, at least like this. Then again, it’s a little like having a gun pointed to his chest all over again, just waiting for the trigger to be pulled and for Jared to walk away.

Jared seems pleasantly surprised that Jensen would give him such an open compliment and now he smiles shyly, fingertips brushing over his own lips as Jensen tracks the movement from across the table.

A waitress stops by and drops off two beers. She points over to the bar when Jensen looks up, questioning because he didn’t order this. Lucy is gone now and Jensen glances at his watch. It’s later than he thought it was. The guys are just short of hooting and hollering, but their smiles are genuine and teasing. Jensen tips the beer towards them and turns back to Jared.

“So… where were we? Oh yeah, you were trying to use a line on me.”

Jared doesn’t correct Jensen, doesn’t say it wasn’t a line. “About the shortcut.”

“Right.” Jensen picks up his bottle and reaches to clink the neck of it with Jared’s. “Okay, I’ll go along. I’ve got the night shift the day after next, which means I have to get stuff done tomorrow. Usual stuff like getting groceries and going to the laundry mat. If it’s sunny out, I’ll go for a hike in the morning and if it’s foggy I’ll go to the gym. Ten years from now? I want to be living in the mountains somewhere.”

“Oh yeah?” Jared’s eyebrows go up in surprise. “Like Tibet?”

“Maybe. Or somewhere like Colorado. What about you?”

Perez chooses that moment to walk up to the table and sets down two full shot glasses. “Hey, Ackles. Quit hoggin’ Jared and let him come sit with us. We’ll buy you some dinner and give you a medal for saving Ackles’ ass.”

Jensen grabs the shot and drains it, standing up afterwards and pushing in his chair. He doesn’t want to share Jared with the guys yet and they’ll only be a distraction if they stay. “Actually, I’m gonna head out. One helluva day, ya know?”

Jared leaves the shot and gets up as well. “I’ll walk out with you.” He gives a polite nod to Perez. “Thank you for the drink.”

Perez slaps Jared on the shoulder and offers to shake his hand. “Hey man, it’s the least we could do. We may not like him too much, but we can’t lose him either.”

Smiling at the joke, Jared takes Perez’s hand and says goodbye, telling him to take care. Jensen waves and makes his way to the front door, breathing in deep once the cold air hits his face.

Jensen has his jeep parked down a little ways from the restaurant. It’s quiet on the street without too many people walking around at this hour. Jensen pulls on his jacket when the chill breezes past the bare skin on his arms. It must’ve rained while they were indoors because Jared does the same thing, sliding on a thick dark navy pea coat that falls to the middle of his thighs.

Jared is right by his side as they walk and for the first time, Jensen can really tell just exactly how tall he is, which is give or take two or three inches taller than him. It does weird things to Jensen, having to look up when Jared casually bumps him on the shoulder, a warm settling feeling overcoming his anxiety just a little as they touch.

He leans against the jeep door once they reach it, the slight nervousness creeping back, his throat suddenly dry and palms sweaty. “So maybe I should walk you to your car. This isn’t the greatest of neighborhoods. You parked around here too?” Now this? This is a total line because the neighborhood that they're in right now has a really low crime rate.

“No.” Jared shakes his head, slants his body next to Jensen’s. “I don’t have a car.”


God, real smooth, Jensen thinks to himself. It’s just so easy being a dick to the guys he gets set up with, stupid dates that don’t mean a thing. He hasn’t really liked anyone in a long time. Until now. And it’s like Jared seems to know this, waits for him to make the next move, completely patient and easy going.

“You want a ride home then?”

“I like to walk.” It sounds like a no, but the way Jared is looking at him, with dark compelling eyes, he might as well have just said yes.

Jensen peers up at the overcast sky and the mist in the air. “It’ll probably start raining soon.”

Biting his bottom lip, Jared looks down and hesitates. Finally he gives a small nod, “Yeah okay. If it’s no trouble.”

The uncertainty makes Jensen think that he’s reading signals wrong. He had thought Jared was flirting with him. Maybe it was only wishful thinking. He fumbles with his keys as he goes around to the driver side, unlocks both doors and slides in as Jared does too.

“Um… are you okay to drive?”

A flush warms Jensen’s face and he wonders if this could get more awkward. He tries not to come off as defensive when he speaks. “You think I’m drunk? I’m not. I’m good. You’ll know when I’m drunk when I’m pissing in the gutter. And I never piss in the gutter. Public urination is a misdemeanor, d’you know that?”

“Very interesting.” Jared still looks like he doesn’t trust Jensen. His hand is gripping the seatbelt across his chest so hard that his knuckles are turning white.

“Don’t worry, I’m fine.”

He snorts, looking at Jensen square in the eyes. “I only worry when people tell me not to.”

Jensen doesn’t know what to say to that, so he ignores it. The engine rolls over as it starts and he pulls out on the main road. “So, ten years from now… where do you want to be?”

“I don’t know…” Jared has a teasing tone now, but he’s moved his death grip to the armrest. “This is actually pretty nice.”

“You sure about that?” Jensen asks, looking at Jared’s fingers. He kind of wants to do something drastic, like hold Jared’s hand or something to comfort him.

“It’s starting to rain.”

“Just like I said.”

“The roads are wet.”

“Ah.” A nervous driver, Jensen figures out. “Don’t tell me you’re one of those people who drive like a grandma when it rains.”

“I don’t drive.”

Jensen speeds up a little, noticing more apprehension practically radiating from Jared. “I’m a good driver, I promise.”

Jared nods, forcing himself to relax and keeping his eyes on Jensen, which seems to do the trick. “I live on St. Paul street.”

“I know.”

Jensen smiles at the questioning glance in Jared’s eyes. “It’s right around where the shooting happened.”

“Oh right.” Jared says softly, a few seconds tick by and then, “You know what? I can picture you living in the mountains. I can picture it really well.”

“Yeah? What am I doing there? Fishing?”

“Hmm… I don’t know. I see you driving around, talking to some handsome guy.” Jared has a gentle smile and playfully winks. “How random.” It sounds like flirting again and it makes Jensen’s belly flop.

He tries his best to flirt back. “I wonder who that could be.”

“Time can only tell.” Jared looks out the passenger side window as they come to a stop at an apartment building. “This isn’t where I live.”

Jensen sits back and takes a deep breath, not knowing what the hell he is doing. “I know. This is where I live.”

Jared swallows thickly and doesn’t say anything. It’s practically silent between them, the night going on and time moving forward outside. The air is very still, like something important is about to happen.

“Those guys back there… and my partner. She’s always worrying about me.”

Jared turns in his seat and lets his head rest on the back of it. His fingers are pushing against Jensen’s jacket, playing with the armrest now instead of holding on to it. “Is there a reason to be worried?”

“No. I mean, we’re friends. Well, we’re kinda friends. We bullshit around and make jokes but I could never tell them –“

Shit. He’s talking too much.

“Tell them what?”

“Nothing. Just thinking stupid stuff.”

Jared doesn’t press, just sits there in the silence, which is probably the reason Jensen starts talking again.

“It’s just that… I close my eyes and I see that gun, you know? Pointing right at me. I keep seeing it over and over again. Like it’s tattooed on my brain. And fuck, man. I don’t know why I’m telling you this.” Jensen shakes his head a little, almost not really liking that he’s letting his guard down for once. “Maybe because you were right there and saw it happen. Maybe because you were in as much danger as I was. Maybe because I have three drinks in me.” He stops and lets out a small sigh. "I’ve had a gun pointed at me before, just not that close. Never that fucking close. And all I know is that I’m done driving for tonight, I’m not ready to close my eyes, and I don’t want you to go.” Keeping his gaze straight ahead, on the dark road through the windshield, he can feel Jared’s calculating eyes on him.

After a few minutes of stillness Jared breaks it. “So… what do you want?”

“What I want…” And now Jensen feels enough courage to look at him again. A cold sweat breaks as he says what he’s been thinking about for the past few hours and a drop drips down his spine like deadly fear. “I want to know how you were walking home from the grocery store that exact minute. How you chose that side of the street to walk on. How you heard the first gunshot and still came to help. I want to know what would’ve happened to me if you hadn’t been there today.”

Jared has a thoughtful expression and for a second, Jensen thinks he’s going to reach out and take his hand. Instead he answers slowly with a strong certainty in his voice. “I don’t know. I think maybe we were meant to meet.”

That really isn’t the answer that Jensen was expecting or hoping for. He wanted something concrete, something real to go by, something that wasn’t just random luck that saved his life. They stare at each other while this is going through his head, Jensen knowing he probably has a confused scowl on his face while Jared looks totally at peace with himself.

If the calmness coming off of Jared wasn’t exactly what Jensen needed right now, he would be surprised by what he blurts out next. “You wanna come up?”

“Yes.” Jared’s response is almost immediate. He gets out of the jeep quickly and waits for Jensen to join him as they walk through the parking lot and up the path to his apartment. It’s still drizzling so they move quickly, Jensen pulling his keys out of his jacket pocket.

It’s a little messy inside, but nothing completely embarrassing. Jensen goes right to the kitchen for another drink; he needs a scotch so bad he can already taste it.

“Want anything?”

“No thanks.”

Jared wanders into the living room while Jensen pours his drink. Now that he’s here, Jensen doesn’t know what to do with him and the last thing he wants is to make a total ass of himself. He goes to sit on the couch and watches as Jared starts to poke through his stuff.

“You can sit down.”

Jared doesn’t stop shuffling through a stack of car magazines, then moves on to browse the dvd collection by the television. “I’m circling for awhile.”

It makes Jensen uneasy. Jared’s still practically a stranger and now he’s looking around at the clutter of Jensen’s life thrown around his small apartment, the details, the important stuff, and the intimate pieces of this massive mess that makes up everything that represents Jensen.

“I didn’t get a chance to clean up.” Jensen takes a sip of scotch and puts his feet up on the coffee table hoping to give off the vibe that he’s relaxed, when that might not be the complete truth. “You’re not supposed to look around.”

“That’s okay, it’s more real this way.”

“It’s rude.” Jensen doesn’t mean to snap. It just comes out that way.

If Jared’s hurt or surprised at Jensen’s reaction, it doesn’t show. He has a small smile on his face though, his eyes not telling anything except that maybe he was expecting Jensen to act this way. “Now that I’m here, you seem mad about it.”

“I’m not mad. I just don’t usually let people up here. And well, you’re here so that’s contradicting everything I’m used to and…” Jensen rubs his face up and down. This isn’t going how he planned; expect that he really didn’t have a plan in the first place. He usually always has a plan. He needs to get his shit together and force a friendly smile so he doesn’t come off like the asshole he probably sounds like. “Sorry, now I’m being weird. Let’s just talk about something stupid.”

“Go for it.”

“Okay fine. You know what’s stupid? All that meant to shit. We were meant to meet. Sounds like crap to me, like some shit you’d hear on an after school special. You really believe in that stuff?”

Jared shrugs, stands in the middle of the room, still looking around and he breathes in deep. “You know what’s really weird? There’re scientists that say we all give off an odor that can only be detected by one other person. Something in our brain can sense it.”

Jensen smiles in spite of himself. He finds Jared’s change in subjects endearing instead of annoying, which is strange. “What? Like we’re all animals? Is that even true?”

“I have no idea.” Jared matches Jensen’s grin. “And yeah, I do believe in that stuff. Specifically I believe in fate. Or that people meet in another life. What do you think? Do you believe that when we die, we come back as something else?”

“What, like when I die I’ll come back as a duck or something? Nah. Dead is dead, man. Trust me, I’ve been thinking about it all day – I don’t want to think about it anymore.”

Jared finally stops looking around only to walk over to where Jensen is sitting. He stands so close that Jensen has to tilt his head back to look up at him. Jared takes the drink out of Jensen’s hand; long fingers wrapped around the small glass as he slowly puts it to his lips and drinks it all down in one go. It’s empty when he puts it on the side table.

Jensen can’t figure this guy out. It’s unnerving. “Why did you do that?”

“Got your mind off of it, didn’t I? Now you’re thinking about me.”

Jensen can’t argue with that. Maybe this guy isn’t exactly unnerving, maybe he’s just mysterious. A puzzle to be put together, piece by piece. The corners and the edges are the easiest, an attempt to figure out some sort of structure and from what Jensen can make out, he likes it so far. If anything, there’s a definite attraction there and for some reason they both seem to be a bit scared, deflecting the intensity.

Jared turns away from the weight of Jensen’s gaze, his attention now on a framed artwork on the wall. “Let me guess, future residence?”

The picture is of the Rocky Mountains and Jensen nods as he gets up from the couch, walks over to his desk where paperwork and old mail are piled up. “I don’t know, maybe. Hopefully someday. Not so sure about the snow though. Not really a snow bunny or anything.” He says lightly, taking the cuffs from the back of his belt, mace from his shirt pocket and the small holstered gun off his ankle. Not being on duty doesn’t mean that Jensen still doesn’t equip himself before going out, especially after today’s events. He puts everything in the top desk drawer and now, being totally unarmed with this stranger in his home, an unsettling feeling overwhelms him.

It’s a struggle, from what Jensen really wants and the unfamiliarity of this new situation. It scares him and yet the appeal is stronger than the fear. “So thanks… you know, for coming up here.” He says, leaning on the desk.

“Does this mean I’m leaving now?”

Jensen quickly shakes his head but he doesn’t want to look too desperate. “No. I mean, you don’t have to…”

Jared steps closer, eyes and smile soft. “Are you feeling better?”

Irritation boils up inside Jensen. Did he read this whole night wrong? “Oh, so you’re here as a medic?”

“Is this where you get mad again?”

And yet again, Jared manages to work his charm and Jensen blushes as he smiles. He can feel himself fall a little, but at the same time he’s holding himself steady, pumping those brakes so he doesn’t swerve off the road. The whole day has been long and Jensen is feeling it now, he’s tired and he hasn’t slept much in months. “So maybe going is a good idea.” He sighs; a little sad that night has to end. Alone again.

Jared steps closer, long hair falling in his eyes and Jensen itches to push it behind his ear. “Can I come back sometime?”

A tilt of his head and a bite to his bottom lip, teeth marking the soft flesh – Jensen’s signature flirt move. “Why would you want to?”

Jared takes a deep breath through his nose, briefly closes his eyes like he can’t get enough. “It must be the smell.”

Jensen can hardly recognize the sound of his own laugh, carefree and happy, it’s been so long. It doesn’t take much thought or effort to wrap his arms around Jared’s neck, finally tangling his fingers in that soft hair and pulling him down a little. Jared lets out a whimper at the touch and Jensen smiles, anxious for the kiss that Jared obviously wants too.

Except, he pulls back, retreating from the hold Jensen has around his shoulders. Disappointment sweeps through Jensen and he’s sure that his face falls, just like his stomach. He doesn’t even know what to say, can’t believe he got this wrong and he’s crushed all over again, twice in one day.

He searches Jared’s eyes and they stare at each other for a few seconds before he feels hands gripping around his waist, firm and strong as he’s being lifted to sit on the desk. Jared moves to stand between his legs and then they’re kissing hard. It’s demanding and hungry; Jared’s lips a wonderful pressure against Jensen’s. His mouth is slick and there’s passion behind every soft press, like Jared’s been holding back this entire night, just like Jensen and now he’s finally letting himself go.

It’s over way too fast. Jensen didn’t even get a proper taste, didn’t get to explore Jared’s mouth with his tongue and he’s aching for a chance.

When Jared breaks the kiss, his eyes are filled with a vacant darkness and he skims Jensen’s cheek with the back of his knuckles. It’s the only reason Jensen knows that he’s shaking. “I better go.” It comes out in just above a whisper.

Jensen can’t think of anything to say. He’s holding his breath and the moment hangs in the air. Jared presses one more kiss to Jensen’s mouth and leaves. Once the door shuts, the breath Jensen had been holding escapes him. He shakes his head, can’t believe he lost control and let his guard down in front of a stranger he’ll probably never see again.

Part 3

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